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Thank you for choosing our products and services. These are offered by Electro Mobile SRL ("QuickMobile"), headquartered in Baia Mare city,  28-30 Ferastraului st.,  Maramures County, Romania.

By using our online store you agree our Terms and Conditions. Please read carefully Your Information on our Terms and conditions, which will precede any act or fact likely to result in obligations for the parties.

 Our products and services are varied and therefore additional terms and conditions may sometimes apply.

The general Terms and conditions below will be applied to all sales of goods and services offered through the online store  www.quickmobileshop.com, under the QuickMobile brand, with the name Electro Mobile SRL, hereinafter Seller, registered with the Trade Register under no. J24/422/2005 and having the Unique Registration Code: 17335094.  

Intellectual and industrial property law (DPI)

The entire content of the QuickMobile website - images, video, text, graphics, icons, web design, scripts, programs and other data - is owned by QuickMobile and our suppliers and is protected by Copyright Law and intellectual and industrial property laws. You understand intellectual ownership and you will not disclose to third parties or make public any of the information received from QuickMobileShop. Use without the written consent of QuickMobile of any items listed above shall be punished according to the laws in force.

Also, the QuickMobile logo is a registered trademark and is protected by legislation.

Protecting privacy and publicity

QuickMobile explains how we treat your personal data. By using our site, you agree we can use the data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Any kind of information you provide will remain in our property. They can be used only for the execution of the contract and may be disclosed only with your written consent and after getting a confidentiality commitment from the recipient. Our messages are transmitted through specialized partners and approved by us. Thus confidentiality and security of information are assured. Customer data cannot be used or provided to other parties.

By submitting information or material through this site, you give us unrestricted access and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute those materials or information. You also agree that we can use freely, in our own interests, these ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you send through the website www.quickmobile.ro. Seller shall not be subject to obligations regarding confidentiality of the information sent, if legislation does not provide otherwise in this respect.

By enlisting in the QuickMobile database you provide specific consent, within legislation, to be contacted by third parties: marketing service providers, other service providers; state agencies, governmental agencies or insurance associations, when specific legislation so provides; other companies with which we can develop joint offering programs on the market for our products and services, etc.

You understand privacy rights and will not make any public statement, promotion, press release or any otherwise disclosure to third parties information about the order, without the prior written consent of QuickMobile. Otherwise, we reserve the right to sue.

Access to information on the site

QuickMobile guarantees limited access, for personal interest, and does not give the rights to download or modify part or all of the site, to reproduce the website partially or wholly, to copy, sell/resell or exploit the QuickMobile website in any other manner for commercial purposes or against the interests of QuickMobile without our prior written consent.

Any attempt to access personal information of another user, to modify site content or to affect the performance of the server that runs the QuickMobile website will be considered an attempt to defraud the site and will put in motion a criminal investigation against the one or the ones who initiated this action.

In order to qualify for some services you may be required to create an account on the website www.quickmobileshop.com. To protect your account, keep your password confidential. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on or via your account.

QuickMobile does not sell products that are purchased by minors. Quickmobile.ro can sell or cash the value of products for minors, but purchased by an adult. If you are a minor and you access this site, you can do so only if you are under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Making unauthorized operations on this site and any attempt to carry out such actions, by abusive and/or fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification, copying information to be marketed, blocking access etc. will be punished according to law.

Contractual documents

When you place an order electronically or by phone on our website, you agree with the form of communication (phone or email) through which we process our operations.

Your order must contain three documents, namely:

a. Order (includes clear statements on delivery and invoicing data), plus its specific conditions;
b. Your specifications (observations) - where appropriate;
c. Accept of the Terms and Conditions.

When placing an order, please check carefully if what you order is what you want. We take no responsibility for wrong information provided by you, neither in the event of electronic orders, nor for a phone order (e.g. wrong product code provided, or incorrect billing and delivery data offered)

If we confirm an order, this will involve a full acceptance of the terms of the order. Acceptance of the order by us shall be considered complete only when there is an electronic confirmation (e-mail) from QuickMobile to you, without requiring a receipt from us. Also, we do not believe, at any time, an unconfirmed order as having the value of a contract.
Order confirmation is done electronically (e-mail) and represents the time of concluding the contract.

The general terms and conditions of sale will underpin the contract thus concluded, and it shall be supplemented by the Warranty Certificate issued by QuickMobile or a supplier thereof.

As per Art. 9 of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, you can give up any item purchased online which does not correspond to you wishes or your expectations within 14 days, without justification or motivation from your part. To benefit from this method of withdrawal, refund of the product must be done exactly in the condition you received it, and it must be accompanied by all accessories and documents in the original package. We will refund the price paid for the product in less than 14 days from the date of notification of withdrawal from the contract, but no earlier than the date we receive the product in the warehouse, in a bank account indicated by you. Expenses related to the shipment of the product, in case of unilateral termination of the contract, by law, are your responsibility.

For legitimate reasons, QuickMobile reserves the right to restrict consumer / purchaser access from making an order and/or some of the payment methods accepted, if we believe that based on the Customer’s/Buyer’s conduct or activity on the Site, his actions could in any way prejudice QuickMobile.

Our liability for products and services

Our products and services are offered in the form in which they come from the manufacturer and also depending on stock. We do not make any warranty, express or implied, regarding - including but not limited to - the functioning of this website, information, content, materials or products on the site and suitability for a particular purpose. So, you expressly agree to use this site and buy products or services at your own risk.

The images published on our website are for presentation, and sometimes delivered products may differ from what is shown, in any way (color, accessories, appearance etc.). Both us and our suppliers reserve the right to modify the product specification without prior notice. We take no responsibility for product descriptions presented in this QuickMobile website, which are identical to those provided to us by representatives of each brand.

All the products are accompanied by the original warranty certificate issued by QuickMobile, through its quality of direct importer. The maximum amount of damage that we can pay you, in case of failure to deliver or improper delivery is the amount collected according to the invoice issued.

All promotions displayed and described on the website are valid only under the conditions described, with the announcement of the promotion and within limited stocks available.

Responsibility for prices

Prices shown include VAT (19%), but do not include delivery costs, unless expressly stated on this site. For products made to order, there is the possibility that prices can be changed and we reserve this right. Price of goods on order can be influenced by exchange rates or other taxes and duties. It is possible that the stock may change between the time of placing the order and its acceptance and therefore some products may not be available. Prices are valid for two days from the registration of the order, within limited stocks available. If any product has no price (price displayed is zero), it implies that it is not for sale, because it is no longer in stock. For pricing errors related entirely to the technical system, we assume no liability.

In some cases, specifically for products ranging from electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), according to Government Decision 448/2005, in addition to the product price, a Green Stamp is charged. This fee does not depend on us and is part of the price of electrical and electronic equipment intended to cover costs for the collection and recycling of EEE. Green stamp value is 0.7 TON (VAT included) for mobile phones, cameras, consoles, GPS, MP3/MP4 and 6.20 RON (VAT included) for laptops/notebooks, tablets and e-readers. Green stamp value is paid individually for each item that is part of the above mentioned categories and billed separately from product price. 

Responsibility for delivery

The delivery of our products covers all of Europe, and thus will be made in all 28 European Union member countries. Before we comply with an order placed on our site, you are notified in writing or by phone about the order confirmation.

Transport costs will be borne entirely by you, except where promotions are displayed on the site announcing free shipping.

Free delivery or delivery prices communicated are only valid for deliveries made in the coverage of couriers UPS, DHL and TNT. For locations outside of this coverage there can be additional transport charges.

There are also exceptional cases where orders are not respected for reasons beyond the QuickMobile, including: fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, governmental actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, civil unrest or other impediments of force majeure, under the laws in Romania. All these allow us to delay or cancel delivery of the products ordered by you. Before each delivery, you will be contacted by the courier.

 If you are not found at the address mentioned in the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the work schedule of the courier company, he will return again after he restores contact with you. If the package will not be picked up within 15 days from the premises of the courier, the order will be cancelled and the product returned to QuickMobile’s headquarters. 

Responsibility for products in the "Pre-order" category

QuickMobile offer products that have the text "Pre-order" can be purchased only by paying for the product full in advance, by credit card.

Delivery times for these products communicated by our company's sales consultants, by phone or e-mail, can sometimes undergo changes depending on the number of orders recorded, and our product purchasing and delivery possibilities. Fulfilling orders for products in pre-order is done only in the order in which payment is registered in QuickMobile’s accounts, not in the order in which the orders were placed, according to the terms specified above.

You are entitled, anytime, to cancel an order registered for a product found in pre-order, with the possibility of having the transferred amount returned by us. Cancellation of an order is made by a notification sent to us by e-mail. We reserve the right to cancel at any time a registered pre-order through a notification sent to your phone or e-mail. In this case, we will refund prepayments in the shortest time possible.

QuickMobile is not responsible for additional charges registered and paid by you at the time and in relation to payments made or after.

Your obligations for products received as "Gift"

Products delivered by QuickMobile as 'gift' are provided as a reward for the order made on our website.

When you place an order at our site, you acknowledge and recognize that the product offered by QuickMobile as a "gift" is a determinant reason for ordering on the site of the vendor and you must, if you wish to return the purchased product, also return the product received as "gift" in the condition in which you received it.

In case you return the product purchased and you want refunding, but you do not return the product offered as "gift", QuickMobille is entitled to withhold from the refund made to you the price of the product offered by way of "gift" at the value listed on the purchase invoice.

Your obligations for vouchers received as "Gift Voucher"

Vouchers offered by Quickmobile as "Gift Vouchers" are offered as a reward for orders made on our website.

When you place an order on our site you acknowledge and recognize that the voucher offered by QuickMobile as "Gift Voucher" is a determinant matter for ordering on the site of the vendor and you must, if you wish to cancel or refuse the package, to stop using the voucher received by email, it being declared invalid.

The Gift Voucher entitles the holder to benefit from what is inscribed on it, in the terms and limitations explicitly mentioned in the e-mail message sent with it.

The series of the Gift Voucher is valid for one order for which you get a discount equal to the value of the voucher.
Seria voucherului cadou este valabila pentru o singura comanda la care veti obtine pe loc o reducere egala cu valoarea voucherului.

Gift Vouchers are not cumulative. Responsibility for safe keeping of the voucher code belongs to the client.

Liability for payment

Payment of ordered products can be made in advance, by bank. Advance payment can be made by money order or credit card. Proof of payment must be sent to us by e-mail at info@quickmobileshop.com. Delivery will be made only after the money is in the QuickMobile account.

Also, payment for products can be made online, by credit card. Payments by online card are made using the services of a third party company that provides full security of your transactions.

Responsibility for product warranty

Products purchased via our website are backed by the QuickMobile warranty issued by us as direct importer, observing the legal provisions in force. Thus, each product will be accompanied by the warranty. If you miss a warranty certificate for a product purchased from us, you must notify us within 48 hours after the reception of products at info@quickmobileshop.com. Any subsequent notification will not be taken into account.

For the Service-Return Warranty offered by QuickMobile, we offer you the free "PickUp and Return" service.  

Service Express is a distinct and optional commercial product representing a conventional warranty which extends the legal warranty of the product by the period mentioned in each certificate. The Express warranty becomes effective immediately after expiration of the legal warranty provided by the manufacturer.

The Express warranty strictly targets customers who purchase from the QuickMobile website or QuickMobile shops products covered by the warranty. Once the Service Express option is chosen, when purchasing the products, the customer will receive, in addition to the warranty required, a conventional warranty certificate which he will use for each service request.

The cost of Service Express is specified for each product on the QuickMobile website or in QuickMobile stores, as long as this product is part of those benefitting from the extended warranty. Service Express is billed as separate product and is paid optionally and individually for each product purchased.

In the case of faults that occur after the entry into force of this extended warranty, the customer shall send the product covered by the QuickMobile warranty using the online platform www.service-return.com, specially dedicated to customers. The settlement of the Express warranty strictly observes the procedure carried out in terms of solving the original warranty.

The terms of Service Express are the ones stated in the conventional warranty certificate, and therefore, assumed by the buyer / client at the time of purchase.

If within 15 days of the shipping of the package with a repaired product it is not received by the customer, under the terms and conditions of UPC, TNT and DHL, the package is returned to sender. Once it is received in our warehouse, you have 15 days to request a new delivery, otherwise the product comes into the property of Electro Mobile SRL. Also, a storage fee of 1 euro (without VAT)/day, is charged.

The responsibility for user comments

If you use the QuickMobile website you can comment about us or our products we provide, which can be published on the site after prior approval. QuickMobile reserves the right not to publish on the site comments which are illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, disturbing in any way the privacy of others, infringe intellectual property rights, contain viruses, texts targeting various promotional campaigns, chain letters, mass emails or any other form of spam.

QuickMobile will not be responsible and will not be required to pay any damages for any form of damage caused by such comments or communications. In case of sending materials / documents, other than those related to the purchase / sale of a product, it is considered that the user gives the company QuickMobile and its affiliates / associates the non-exclusive, unrestricted, free, irrevocable and re-transmissible right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate and distribute them anywhere in the world, by any means.

Your warrant that you have all rights over the content that you send to be published on the site, by any means, so by using this content, you do not cause harm to any person. QuickMobile does not assume any responsibility for possible damages caused by using the content of these comments by site users, which are offered under the same limitation of liability as the rest of the content on the site.

Responsibility for links to other sites, server, browser

The QuickMobile website is hosted by servers of third party companies. For this reason, QuickMobile cannot be held responsible for any errors on the site, regardless of the basis of their appearance, including changes in the site settings or updates. Also, QuickMobile cannot be held responsible for errors occurring due to use of certain browsers for visiting the QuickMobile website.

QuickMobile is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of the sites that can be accessed through links on the QuickMobile site. For those sites, full responsibility lies with the owners of the websites concerned.

Litigation and final provisions

Any other problem caused by products and services presented on QuickMobile or information on this site which is not already treated by any article of this document shall be settled amicably within 30 days of receiving a written complaint from you. If we cannot settle the conflict amicably, the competence lies with Romanian courts of law, the parties choosing the courts of Romania, Maramures county. You assume all the risks once you are agreeing to this Customer Contract.