About us

Launched in March 2005, QuickMobile soon distinguished itself as one of the most important online IT&C retailers in Romania. QuickMobile’s business portfolio is complemented by a network of points of sale in the most important Romanian commercial centres, devised as shops with a 360° access.

Since its beginning the QuickMobile brand has become a model of success, its reputation and turnover increasing each year. Thus, QuickMobile has become a launching ramp and a reliable partner of many worldwide famous brands. We are proud of our product portfolio which currently includes over 150 brands, among which Jean Paul Gaultier, Guess, Kenzo, Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld, Hello Kitty, Mini Cooper, Ferrari and others.

In 2014, as a natural approach and following a revolutionary international trend in this field, QuickMobile took a daring step by offering the Romanian consumer the prospect of a unique experience, i.e. an exquisite mix of quality shopping and access to a dedicated, premium editorial content, with an emphasis the latest global trends in fashion and new-tech, as well as such fields as entertainment, arts and new media.

Thus, QuickMobile has become a pioneer in the field of mobile phones not only in Romania, but globally.

QuickMobile is supported by a dedicated team of professionals which benefits from the international infrastructure of QuickMobile Group which includes QuickService – the first door-to-door service in Romania – and the support of B2B International Distribution Team which takes part in the most important fairs in the field regularly (CeBIT - Hanover, Germany; IFA - Berlin, CES - Las Vegas, Hong Kong Spring –Autumn Fair, Barcelona Mobile World Congress).

Through our customised services we wish to offer a unique, accessible shopping experience because we want you to enjoy your favourite brands fully day by day.

All these services – customised consultancy, the ambient scent air in our shops, customised offers, delivery on the day of order, the most up-to-date payment methods, extra premium services, guarantees for our products of up to 4 years, an express service within maximum 5 days – were devised with the sole purpose of bringing the idea of shopping to a new level.

The over 2.2 million unique visitors who step into the QuickMobile shops each year, along with a turnover of 38 de million Euros (in 2013) are the chief arguments for the recognition of our vision and efforts so far. As a result of this, QuickMobile has launched a franchise concept available worldwide for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their lives.