following up on the success
story we had in Romania,

introducing the global

QuickMobile Shop

only 2 per customer available in the first year

anyone can start a QuickMobile shop!

college students, families, newly married, retired people, entrepreneurs, and even investors can join without technical knowledge.

We provide training, comfortable uniforms and plenty of information and support.

your QuickMobile shop
is designed to sell
from the first day

specially created to maximize
product visibility and serve clients
on all four sides.

everything is designed in order to
help speed up your sales.

you'll be providing...

over 500 kinds of products
from the most famous brands. the latest products available on the market, exclusivities, all colours, unlocked or never locked.

plus, extemely good prices and quick service

and an overall great consumer shopping experience

why it's a really
great opportunity:

only €19,900 franchise cost

the shop can be easily moved

25+ brands exclusive distribution

we're young, friendly and supportive

sales and profit
right from the first month

here's how it works...

once you decide you want to start your own QuickMobile shop, we would be advising you exactly on how to do it.

our purpose is to ensure you're profitable from day one


it's the only franchise that combines:

... at the best moment


Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010

56% growth of the Smartphones' market

1.75 billion mobile units sold

1 trillion dollars global revenues


will bring the record in mobile sales worldwide until now!

More people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online

The tablet market will double again


There will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015

Over 80% of the PCs today will be replaced by mobiles in the next 2 years

In 2015 the accessory aftermarket will drive a revenue of 45 billion dollars

By 2017 the mobile market will grow with over 35-40 % per year

find out more

so start your own
QuickMobile shop
and make
some profit!

test the franchise simulator

contact us and you can get:

  • The QuickMobile Shop indoor isle

  • Training for your personnel

  • Transportation in 72 hours tops to the destination

  • Furniture and branded materials for the store

  • Support 360°: planning, organization, sales analysis

  • access to our 8 years of know-how

  • over 25 exclusive brands

  • most important manufacturers of accessories worldwide

  • daily stocks of phones and accessories over 1 million euro